Thursday, March 14, 2013

Diary Day 2

Making things... the chest of drawers had its provenance in Denmark, therefore there was almost 100% accuracy in the drilled holes for cams and bolts, so the job of putting it together though tedious was not too troublesome.  The next piece of furniture came from Thailand, holes were not drilled deep enough and after a certain amount of fury, we decided on some wood glue to stick it together and it is now almost finished.  Mirrors today and a shelf for the bathroom, cut the curtains too short for the attic window and am now doing patchwork repair.
The weather has changed, after the blizzards the next morning the snow had melted away, the wind is icy though.  We have not seen much of Whitby, i.e. wandering down to Church Street to look at the little shops or the East cliff pier which I love.  My daughter has invited me out to a meal on today, at the Magpie no children, no partners LS says he is going to eat some chips outside the restaurant looking pathetic.  Dining out with the family is an expensive business when there are 8 of us but enjoyable all the same.
Today I shall make time to go down to my favourite wool shop to look for a pattern for a fisherman's pattern for LS, my feelings on knitting such a thing are rather mixed.  These patterned jumpers were of course given individual design for a sad reason, so that if the sailor got drowned at sea they would be recognised by the pattern.
Yesterday we seemed to have spent a couple of hours in Homebase worrying over rawplugs for plasterboard, why is life so difficult?  The answer will come today should if the bathroom shelf falls down but at least I am an expert on rawplugs now........


  1. Don't get me started on plasterboard rawl plugs! Our bathroom shelf was hanging off after a week or two and has been off ever since....

  2. Hi Em,that made me laugh, the plasterboard seems to be quite strong here, so we have left them out for the mirror, shelf tomorrow and long list of things to buy tomorrow as well...