Thursday, March 28, 2013

Morning emails

Life has slipped quietly back into a quiet gear, the birds sing early in the morning despite the cold, my email reveals an Easter message from my old friend Margaret in America. When I was about 18 I used to go and stay with her parents in Lampeter, Margaret worked at the police station somewhere, maybe in Scotland. My half brother Reg would drive both of us down, sometimes I stayed with him at the Feathers pub in Aberayron where he kept his boat. Always got seasick on the boat, so did other things like horse riding.
Margaret floats in and out of my life when she comes to England, last time I saw her we spent two hours chattering in Starbucks in Bath, Frank her husband must have got terribly bored. Weirdly she knew more of the people in my life than I ever did.. 
Families can be strange, mine particularly so, even now when giving an explanation of  my childhood those closest to me cannot understand the tangled web. One of the reasons I do not go down the road of finding out my ancestry, maybe are stories that reflect the disharmonious nature of our human life.
But to get back to things I know about, the red full moon early this morning, touched by the rising sun, the first daffodil breaking out, the small crocuses standing like soldiers in the garden, the snow has melted from them and left them all intact. My bossy male blackbird has found a mate and yesterday gave her a piece of bread, sweet, especially as he spends most of his time chasing the other birds away.
LS's is getting plagued by scamming/phshishing emails, today a diet link from his son's address,the other day we both had another one from a mutual friend, contact lists stolen from these people.  Also yesterday a 'classic' sob story of someone needing money, must reprint this as it made both of us laugh.  The person in question is unknown though we have had similar emails from friends who have also had their email addresses stolen....

Hello,I'm writing this with great grievance . I'm presently in Scotland,UK.with my Family for a short vacation and we're stuck..And really it was unannounced. We were attacked by four armed robbers on our way back to the hotel where we lodged.we were robbed and completely embarrassed.
All our cash,credit cards and cellphone were stolen. We've reported the incident to the embassy and the Police but to my dismay they seem not bothered...their response was just too casual.Our flight leaves in few hours but We've got to settle our bills before We're allowed to leave....Now am freaked out....Please I need you to loan me some money,I promise to refund you as soon as I'm back home. All i need is $1,650 .. Please Let me know what you can do?Write me back so I can tell you how to get it to me..Ralph Fraise

Yes, well it is never going to get to him, but this is what occasionally gets through the spam detector, the thought of all those crooks worldwide is rather scary, though who would send money to complete strangers needs to be more careful.

Photos are taken from the 1st April of last year, bees on the Bowles Purple wallflower above, the blossom on the cherry trees also filled with bees. Talk of climate change is of course old hat now, and we are to keep this cold weather for another two weeks so the forecasters are saying, also Japanese saki? in a warm garden to welcome the arrival of the blossoms....


  1. Sounds like a better spam filter is in order! What a nightmare. It does amaze me the scams people will fall for. Nice to see some sunny pictures!

  2. Hi Em, don't think there is any spam filter completely 100%, they have had the same problem on my Yahoo weaving forum as well....