Friday, March 15, 2013

Diary Day 3

Actually there should be 4 diary days, but I must have skipped a day.... Yesterday the bathroom mirror went up successfully, we even found battens in the plasterboard in the bathroom, all that fuss about springing wall plugs was to no avail.
When we first bought this cottage, it had not been updated probably from the 1960s, except for the kitchen area.  The bathroom had a long plastic window in its wall facing out to the bedroom, this was one of the first things to be knocked out and plastered  and proper lighting installed, the leaking chimney was the next thing the builders repaired to stop the ingress (love that word) of water, the roof at the time was fine except for excessive vegetation in the gutters which was of course removed, but is something you notice all over the houses in Whitby - dripping gutters.
Negotiating this week with the letting agent, we all decided to reduce the number of people to 2/3, which I am very happy about, means we can get rid of one bed in the attic and put a desk in there.  But there is another almost insoluble problem if you take Laura's long list of things that should be in the cottage.  This is hanging space, no wardrobes can in any shape or form be put in the cottage, so another way has to be thought out.  We lost the cupboard in the bedroom to the boiler which has to vent whatever on the only outside wall of this cottage . We also on the way had to negotiate with our neighbours to remove their tv aerials off this outside wall, and install a satellite which the two other cottages use... But to get back to hanging space, among the long lists of dos and don'ts, you cannot have rows of hooks (which we have now) as hanging space.  This is where I am starting to see red and call the whole thing off, so we bought a perfectly hideous (Argos) hanging rail which will go up in the attic as a temporary measure, before we insert some sort of hanging rail against the wall, between a sloping roof and a sloping chimney breast! My brain has stopped here as I can't figure the mathematics out ;) 
Yesterday the sun shone beautifully on the sea making the water dance with light, there are a few tourists around, my daughter and I went to The Marine restaurant, and had the appetisers with delicious rustic bread for our lunches, we also spent two hours talking about family and have decided to do this into the future - leaving the family behind and being matriarchal;).
We must leave by Sunday as friends from America are coming to stay on Tuesday and we have to take them to Sutton Hoo and Seahenge and then we all go up to London to see the Ice Age Exhibition at the British Museum so another busy week....


  1. I have proper hanging space in this house for the first time in my life and dread moving to somewhere where it's back to that dilemma of which you speak!

  2. At least the flat-pack furniture is a solution for the cupboard space, but not easy with hanging rails when you have sloping ceilings and the like, or just No Room to start with!

    Tam viewed a house to rent recently and said the attic room (empty!!) was lovely but the "staircase" was the steepest she had ever seen (and Sheffield has houses built into very steep hillsides so they are often more stairs than rooms!) This was almost like a ladder (half steps in depth) and no way could you have gotten any furniture up there . . . Flat pack would have been an option. Worth knowing!

  3. Hi BB, all I can say of flat pack is that you need two people to put it together, one to hand out the screws, nuts, cams and bolts (and count them too see if you have the right number)the other to fit the jigsaw of pieces together. LS is refusing to put any more together anytime in the near future.

  4. Hi Em you must have an old house I have decided, there are solutions to these problems it is just working out how to do it...