Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sutton Hoo - gold bling

A reconstructed mound shown for height as the saxon mounds had to some extent been obliterated by the plough

This is the Sutton Hoo mound

A brief photo record of the treasure room at the museum at Sutton Hoo, a cold day enhanced by a bitterly cold East wind, the walk round the burial cemetery is weird.  The Saxon burial mounds form a rough circle, in the centre there are half a dozen stone cists, under which executed medieval villians were buried.  The weirdness was that the estate of the late Mrs. Pretty is surrounded by large fields of open air pigs and their shelters, but her large white house can be visited and three rooms seen.

Gold buckle

Decorations on shield


shield decoration

boss in centre of shields

Even the horse has beautiful decorations

Warrior burial with his horse

Cloissone work
This was one of the first places LS and I visited together, so it remains a romantic memory ;)


  1. Stunning work - and in a class of its own - even modern techniques would probably find it hard to replicate to such a standard. All this with only natural light too!

    Looking at the horse's head, I think it looks very Araby, with a tiny muzzle and dished-looking face . . .

  2. I love the purse hanging on the belt. Much prettier than todays "bum bags"!

  3. Hi BB, I felt sad for the horse killed with its master, but such was life then, when the weather gets warmer we are going back to walk down to the estuary where they must have dragged the boat up.

    Hi Kath, the jewellery is exquisite, the 'chatelaine' belt worn by the Saxon women must have been very impressive.

  4. Goodness, they're beautiful. How long must it have taken to produce such amazing work then? Weeks and weeks I should imagine.


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