Saturday, March 16, 2013

Diary Day 4

Tomorrow we go home, and we haven't been anywhere, hardly any photos. But yesterday bought something pretty - shabby chic - you might say, furniture.  Now I hate labels but love pretty materials, so this chair and loom linen basket caught my eye just down the road.  So today the shop person's husband walked my chair and basket up to the cottage.  The shop is very pretty, though I am not a Cath Kidston fan, but she had reupholstered the chair herself and it was very reasonably priced. (£64)  The material used is Kate Forman's so it must be a discontinued line.
Today, and yesterday woke up with wretched headaches, the stress is getting to me ;), I ploughed through the lists and bought all the little things at that marvellous shop called Boyes, everything but the kitchen sink lies in its tumbled depths but mostly haberdashery, china and all the things you need for a house, Yorkshire Trading Company is nearby another palace of 'everything' LS could spend whole mornings in there browsing. And we haven't even done the charity shops yet.


  1. What beautiful goodys. It must be lovely to full your new home with such lovely bits and bobs.

    have a safe journey home.

  2. Thanks Paula, be sad to go, though are coming back early May.


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