Saturday, March 9, 2013

Wind turbines


Having had a very Green political outlook all my life, and spent many years reading Permaculture books and holistic green thinking I have always had a positive response to green energy, when it comes in its many forms, solar panels, wind turbines and sea energy.  Travelling through the countryside as we do, you see these great giant windmills turning slowly in the distance, but I have never lived by one so cannot say how they would affect in both noise and visual intrusion.
I have followed their progress in archaeological terms, the Isle of Lewis and the turbines relationship to the great Callanish stones, and the other many sites in Scotland that the government is giving approval to, and note that the reason they are going up is to do more with rich landowners wanting to make money. But this corruption of green idealism is something one has to grow up with in the end, organic food really can only be bought by rich people, the discipline of green socialism has lost out now.
So when reading this Creek Sailors blog this morning was rather dismayed to find that there is to be more built on farmland in the desolate but beautiful Dengie Peninsula, near to the site of the early Celtic-Saxon church of St.Cedds.
When we were wandering along the East Anglia coast by Seahenge, there were many turbines out to sea and you could not really see them, and perhaps that is the best place for them , I also made mention in an earlier blog of the largest wind farm in the world which is being contemplated on the Dogger bank in the North sea.
So wind turbines are appearing all over this country in a somewhat unstructured way, a 'market' is out there for their erection but is there any joined up thinking?


  1. I would support wind turbines if they worked and if they did away with power stations, but that is not the case. They have been shown to be hopelessly inefficient but still politicians insist on more - and in areas of natural or historical beauty and importance. The destruction of habitats has to be seen to be believed.

    So my green credentials become tarnished too . . . Tbh, I think the politicians and the BBC have investments and pensions tied up with 'global warming/climate change' which would explain their rhetoric.. .

  2. I agree with BB entirely. It's all very worrying when people are trading their carbon allowances and the whiff of tokenism is everywhere!

  3. When we drove east three years ago this month to discover our little Kentucky farm we saw, parked at a truck stop, one of these giant turbines dismantled and being hauled on a trailer. In some parts of the west one sees whole ranks of them, 'arms' flailing, in the distance.
    I suspect at the end of the day our protests about 'green' or natural and historic preservation fall on deaf ears. Cynical thought it may seem, I believe that money rules and sadly, few of those with the controling money have very sensitive scruples.
    By the way, I do read and enjoy your posts more often than I comment--I get bogged down in the verification process.

  4. Hello everyone, computer balanced on my knees so can't write much. I shall leave turbines for tonight, we are having blizzards here at the moment, icy winds from the arctic. Luckily we got across the moors yesterday, I suspect the road will be closed tomorrow. Have spent most of the day putting together a chest of drawers, hopefully the last 6 screws will find their rightful home tomorrow, then another day of mirror hanging and another bedside table to put together......

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