Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Sheep and Bears

When I started this, my mind was on the terrible tragedy that has evolved in Wales, with dead sheep and their lambs being dug out of the horrendous snow drifts that claimed those uplands in Wales.  The cost to the farmers is enormous, some will not survive this calamity, this cruel weather has taken many animal lives there are probably many thousands of dead sheep,

But there is always hope in other parts of the world, the sick, cruel things done in the name of 'human health/superstitious nonsense', extraction of bile from bears is being fought also, and common humanity sets up organisations to save and nurture such creatures, gives one hope.

Moon Bears  this is a seven minute Youtube video of bears being rehabilitated from their sad lives as bile bears.  They have never known freedom, even the space of their new den is large, eventually they will go out into the open and enjoy freedom once more.  Animals Asia  is a charity in Vietnam that provides rescue and sanctuary for these rather beautiful creatures.

This is Urwin Junior ,  rescued as a small cub from a smuggler on a bus he has got style now posing for his photo to be taken, a million miles away from that frightened little cub rescued some while back.


  1. There are campaigners here in Glastonbury who always take a table whenever there is an opportunity, to publicize and get signatures on the petition to stop these cruel practises. Hard to believe it still goes on in this day and age.

  2. To be honest Kath, have not got the nerve to go and see how it is actually done, just makes you want to weep for such cruelty meted out to animals.