Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Sandford Mill on 30th April 2011
On Monday had my first bid on Ebay, this was for a pedestal desk for the cottage, I didn't get it the price shot up at the very end, but I now know the system, bid maximum about 30 seconds before the bid closes!
Luckily I won't be having to do this, because I found another reproduction desk on Ebay, it is just up the road, so phoned and can have it. It is to go into the attic for working up there and the laptop, one bed has to be removed so that will have to be got rid of.  The cottage figures quite a lot in life, a cleaner phoned up this week, went round to the cottage and noted there was no vacuum, which, to add to the story, had burnt out the day we had left, it was fairly new.... After certain surprise as to why she was there (agency) I began pondering the wisdom of having a key safe (next to the front door) with a number you type in for retrieving the key. Still there is nothing of value in the cottage, apart from furniture and if it does get a bit like Piccadilly Circus I cannot complain.  Frasier our next door neighbour there has not been in touch either, could be because I refused to pay his rather large library bill, when he gave me his books to take back as he was leaving for Ireland ;) yeah well!

Also decided to re-cover a small rocking chair, not English, I used to use it in the garden for my morning coffee.  The girls love it but it has a tendency to slip along the carpet when they rock putting the television in peril of being smashed. I am quite used to upholstering chairs, but the material on this chair has been glued down, waiting for material from Cottonpatch the patchwork people.  Finding material was difficult, no longer do we have shops with curtain materials or for making clothes round here.  I used to sew/embroider tapestry seats for the dining room chairs but of course left them behind due to no room here.  Anyway at this funny little antique place (stables) out in the country there were pretty little Victorian chairs which I coveted but  must harden my heart against.

My fingers are busy at the moment, knitting large jumper for my love, and here is another moan, knitting a small doll's dress for the youngest last week, - £2.77 postage and we have to drive now to find a post office.
We hardly go out because the weather is so miserable but have had a couple of days of sun, the garden flowers survived the snow, the birds are hungry though, and I feel I must go to a nursery and buy some plants, for the nurseries are really feeling a downturn in sales as people are not buying plants for the garden. Photos are from 2011 and show how green it was.....

April 30th 2011, the old boat 'Susan'
Old farm waggon at Sandford Mill
Sandford Mill weir


  1. If you've got a fast connection I would suggest ten seconds or less before the end of the auction! Glad you got one somewhere else.

  2. Ha, probably not a fast connection, but sadly I tend to panic in such situations, forgot my username as well!