Tuesday, April 16, 2013

16th April 2013

I shall never be as good a photographer as Em (Dartmoor Ramblings) but capturing an instant in a garden can be caught by any camera.  Yesterday snapped up the only lemon balm at the nursery, along with other herbs.
lemon balm, love the crumpled appearance of the leaf .

Pretty pansy faces, ride through winter and still produce their flowers

Gold laced polyanthus, flowered throughout the snow

Buddha smiles down on primroses, he has become out of focus , a photographic term is 'bokeh'  (the aesthetic blur) something new learnt every day!

Violets (must check other violet places) notice how the wind shakes them

Among the grasses,
An unknown flower
Blooming white.
―Zen Haiku


  1. I love lemon balm for its dainty crinkled leaves and for its wonderful scent. I've had a clump or two of it anywhere that I could have a garden.
    I was delighted on moving here three years ago to recognize several plants of lemon balm volunteering at the edge of the side lawn. Most of them have been re-homed and there are now several very healthy groups.
    The common purple violet is also in abundance here, rampsing happily through other plantings. Most of them I leave in place. If I need to tear out a few, the rest compensate.

  2. Hi MM, The tight leafed lemon balm is one of the first plants to appear in spring in the garden, many years ago used to keep angora rabbits, and they always loved those first sprigs of green...

  3. Thank you Thelma though I'm not sure it's deserved. As I always maintain....it's all in the cropping! I love lemon balm too but I haven't had a lot of success with it up here for some reason. You have many more flowers than we do!

  4. Hi Em, It is a small garden, and I use pots as well for the overflow, might start thinking about using the green in front as well! can't keep an old gardener down ;) Need loads more pots as well...