Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bluebells 2011

I make no apology for bringing up these photos, my love said this morning we have been stuck in this house for 6 months because of the cold, not strictly true of course but let us allow a little leeway.  So some photos of Blakes Wood 2011 April 30th...  The leaves on the trees this year have not even started to green up, cherry blossom is out in places and a bit of blackthorn, and gorse has its yellow flower, and the garden flowers make a brave show but the countryside looks distinctly winterish and bleak.

Star wort and bluebells




  1. Thank you Thelma. Exactly what I needed to see too. I am SICK of this cold and gales, and winter temps. We're already on next winter's woodpile, because the wood burner has to be lit all day long!

    Hooray for Bluebells!

  2. Wish the photos had come up larger Jennie but the originals are on a hard disk, that sometimes does not work....