Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Off to Whitby

Taken from the Daily Mail article.
Another Goth weekend has gone by with all its incredible costumes and people.  From  this link on the Daily Mail, you can see so many interpretations on the old Dracula story, that you begin to wonder if the British are mad ;), young girls like the sexy side of it and men trail round in deep black, often with bloody faces and old fashioned goggles seem to be the new thing.  Gandalf and other various members of the cast of 'Lord of the Rings' made an appearance, though someone argued that it was Saramand dressed in white.  I believe the cottage must have hosted Goths as well, hopefully Mary was not too upset.
We are going to Whitby this weekend, my love is already packing the desk into the car so we can judge how much room is left for everything else that needs going down.   I am busy knitting the little things Lillie requires for her beloved (hideous) doll at the moment, bread and apple pie made this morning and worrying about my plants.  The chill nip in the air first thing in the morning is not good for cucumber and courgette plants, but they will have to be left out.
We are also making plans to stay with a cousin of LS down in Cornwall in June, and doing some megalithic tours with a friend, who also an expert on border collies, training and writing about them, and has 10 dogs, sadly I can't have one of the pups though.

Here we all are, except LS cos he does not like appearing on the net and is probably taking the photo, about three years ago, Tom the eldest is at university at Hendon now studying criminology, whilst Matilda at front is still into her dancing and drama.  Little Lillie, wants a purple wig, like the one she spotted at the festival, when she grows up and my daughter and husband are planning a move to Todmarden, which is on the other side of Yorkshire.  Todmarden citizens are growing their own food in public places, along the canal, outside the police station and even in the graveyard, a good green enterprise.


  1. I'd love to go to Whitby. The goggles have been spotted here in Glastonbury too,I think they are "steam punk" fashion.
    Have a great time!

  2. Thanks Kath, wondered what 'steam punk' is, will look it up, glad it's catching!!

  3. What a lovely photo and I know that spot! A friend of mine is into Steam Punk, but I fear I am too old and staid these days : )

    Have a lovely break. I am hoping I am fit enough for mine (more respiratory tests tomorrow).

  4. Hi Jennie,

    Yes do get better soon, the weather is beautiful at the moment, though slightly chilly. No one is too old or staid to wear funny clothes ;)