Friday, April 5, 2013

Shaking The Tree

This I think was a cast at the front of the entrance,  but now I have the book

A certain spring is in my step the last couple of days, could be that the weather is set to improve, could be I have walked out  a particular forum due mostly to bullying and cruelty demonstrated by a couple of contributors.  Then this morning the rather expensive catalogue for the Ice Age Exhibition thumped down on our doorstep, a gift from our American friends for looking after them,  they had noted that we had not bought said catalogue (£25), trips to London are expensive, even if you do take your own sandwiches;). So my music has been playing, on this all dancing, all singing computer on which I am now typing.
Firstly, 'Shakin the Tree', by Peter Gabriel and Youssou Ndour, a very young Gabriel performs,  in a joyous upbeat dance of a song.  If I dedicated it would be to my daughter and two grand daughters, all spiky individuals.  Gabriel lives just outside Bath and has his studio there, at a village called Box, famed of course for the Box tunnel and Box Villa, which formed part of a former acquaintance's garden, she had her typically Georgian Bath home decorated in Roman style.
Gabriel has collaborated with Ndour on a number of occasions, his historic Biko song with the beat of the drum is pretty uplifting as well.  Youssou is Senegalese I believe and sings in French but is an all time favourite with me, my son compiled a couple of Cds which I occasionally play.
So what else, a David Inshaw painting appears on my facebook page today, spooky as I had already mentioned him yesterday. But the painting is part of an exhibition/sale in a gallery, but James Russell, writer on Eric Ravilious (he is in the right hand corner of my blog) put it up.

David Inshaw

The photo is rather dark, the symmetry of the tent is echoed in the swifts/swallows? flight as they fly past on the look out for insects. This was one of the treats up on the downs, the swallows in summer chasing rings round you, swooping past your nose oblivious to a human walking by.


  1. Another really nice David Inshaw.....some I really DON@T like but your taste is obviously impeccable!

  2. Well not sure about impeccable taste ;) but did admire the symmetry of the tent contrasted against the birds, also a weird subject the tent but typical of that period when they painted what was around them.....

  3. He's a new one on me, but then I lead a rather quiet life here - I could tell you more about newts than art most days!!! An unusual painting, but much to like about it.

    Glad you had such a lovely gift from your American friends, and isn't it nice when your spirits are lifted? I had that yesterday on our day out, but am now faced with lots of work to pack for the Fleamarket tomorrow, still have a footstool to re-upholster too!

  4. Hi Jennie, All these painters are of a certain period, John Piper comes to mind, they inherited Jeffries, Thomas and Grigson, not forgetting Massingham as well, they took the romantic aspect of the 'English Countryside'.
    It must be lovely at fleamarkets, I want a small Victorian desk but will probably end up with something modern...