Monday, July 21, 2014


Our understanding of megalith monuments are realised in the moment we stand by them and take in their surroundings.  What we fail to understand though is that through time, the stones sometimes become altered, could be through excavation or the farmer moving stones.  So does this funny little stone at Lanyon Quoit still exist or has it been moved?
The old photos were taken by Jacquetta Hawkes, a great favourite author of mine about 50 years ago, though she was wandering round the stones presumably in the 1940s.

Lanyon Quoit

Jacquetta Hawkes

Pentre Ifan

The same can be said for Pentre Ifan, the strange small upstanding stones to the side can either be part of the mound that supposedly surrounded it, though to an untutored eye looks more like a walk way.  This it cannot be because the 'closed door' of the monument is facing to the left, so what are they.  Their disappearance could be put down to an excavation......

Jacquetta Hawkes

Tomorrow, or maybe today, I shall concentrate on Silbury Hill and the 'water' theory, but for the moment my mind is tired, and so to finish with a photo of Chief sitting on a stone at the Hurlers Stone Circle, which our friend in Cornwall this morning has just been measuring! This photo was taken for me (because some would say I am very dog friendly) and as I notice Moss above, perhaps the difference between long haired  collie Moss (with a dash of spaniel) and short haired collie Chief who is a whizz at winning sheep trials can be noted...


  1. I just accidentally got to your blogger page and saw your photograph (probably me pressing the weong button on my new computer, which is causing me all kinds of teething problems) and I now feel I know you so much better. I love standing stones - they are such a connection with our past.

    1. Hi Pat, bit plumper now, one size up from that photo ;). Prehistoric stones are bound up in an 'atmosphere' of what I call unknowingness. They could have a Bronze Age burial at their feet. Getting to know a new computer can be difficult, but the more buttons we press the better it becomes. My son used to say, don't panic mum when it goes wrong just put your finger on the off button for 20 seconds and it will all go away!

  2. Know what you mean about mind being tired Thelma. Have you ever visited Spinster's Rock near hear I wonder? It's just off the A382 about a mile and a half from Whiddon Down on the A30.....worth a a little detour on your way to Cornwall perhaps??? I think you'd like it a lot.

  3. Hi Em, we maybe be coming up to Cornwall sometime soon, still undecided between the two places, Paul says 25% more Cornwall, whereas I am used to Yorkshire, we will see.
    Will look up Spinster's Rock and keep it in mind - thanks.