Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Let us start with a lily to calm my nerves, my computer went strange about an hour ago, or rather it refused to accept my camera to upload its photos.  After messing round with it for half an hour, we did as we always do, restored it back to yesterday's configuration,  the 14th, and now it accepts my camera.  As it does not play CDs anymore and the battery needs renewing perhaps I should contemplate a new computer somewhere in the future!
So a good and bad day, good day says  mmm the 'long knives' were out this morning in the cabinet reshuffle, Gove and Paterson had to step down which was a shock but a nice one. Hague was a bit of a surprise, and we hardly know how the new people, but  the influx of females is a good surprise.  Though not being too cynical and remembering Blair's Babes (and what female did not squirm with fury over that) are what Cameron is betting the election on next year presumably, 
So what was I going to write about, well the Wheeldale supposed 'Roman' road across the North Yorks moor was on my mind.  Though there is speculation it could be pre-Roman or even a later Saxon road but then theories dance around.  We walked along it in this state.....

but in the 1960s it looked like this after a clean-up

Rubble under the road..
But it must have been impressive in its day, there was an early fort York, Malton, Cawthorne camps, so the road could have been from these camps, and then to the North......

The lily smells beautifully in the evening, but have reservations about buying more bulbs.  There has been an awful lot of red  lily beetle  around this summer, and their young is engulfed as it clings to the plant, presumably by the parent, with poo, which is revolting, similar of course to the 'cuckoo spit' beetles who are a whole lot nicer!

Wade's Causeway orWheeldale Road as it is known;

Notes; At Malton also, (probably the Derventio of the Itinerary), the original legionary base was replaced by a camp of cohort strength as early as Agricola's time (A.D. 78-84), when the tide of conquest had flowed far northwards. Yet the moors of North Yorkshire probably did not pass under Roman control uncontested. Resistance towards penetration from the south,though brief, was probably real. A native settlement near Levisham may have been a centre of resistance. The construction of the Wheeldale road (Wade'sCauseway), which in the absence of dateuble evidence has been ascribed to the Lst or the 4th centuries, may thus indicate their consolidation of the area after these operations, at a time when, judging by coin evidence, Roman influence approached Cleveland from the west also along the Tees valley.

Taken from http://www.eylhs.org.uk/romans2.pdf 


  1. I have quite a lot of lilies in various places in my garden, but the trouble is that if you lean too close your clothes get stained with the pollen and it is so hard to remove.
    I didn't know about that road on the North York Moors.
    William Hague is our constituency MP and I must say that in that role he will be very much missed as he was always willing to discuss any issue and do what he could to help/
    Politically I am not on his side but the farmer is, so we rarely vote as we just cancel one another out.

    1. "so we rarely vote as we just cancel one another out", made me smile, perhaps that is the reason voting has gone down.....
      Think you should be able to dye with the stamens, but I have never tried, the flower is too precious to spoil.