Thursday, July 31, 2014

Finding something new to do!

I have just finished a quilt, which to be honest I am not happy with, neatness is not my absolute goal sometimes, or at least I cannot achieve it. But it is finished, found the squares half price at Hobbycraft and it is a pretty pink so shall give it to Matilda for her 'dowry' box, as it was meant for her in the first place.  They all off to Switzerland, in a day or two and the familiar worry 'nag' starts in the pit of my stomach as I contemplate their journey but I'm sure they will have a marvellous time.
A walk down to the river the other day, watching two people in a rather noisy long boat pick blackberries from the bank, the berries are so early for this time of the year. Great striped dragonflies darting around, always too quick for the camera, but it has been such a beautiful summer, the insects multiplying happily.  The first photo is of the studio, here I finished my patchwork in a rather disgruntled manner (knowing it was not working properly) under the eye of this god - his serenity did not work on me, who I may add was bought in Whitby so he is definitely not original but I do like the little hare underneath.

The old mill, now divided into houses


  1. I know exactly what you mean about quilts. I have a theory (I have made many quilts over the years) - folk seem to be either marvellous sewers - neat, precise stitches, exquisite corners etc., or they seem to be wonderful with colour combination. Only rarely do you come across anyone who is both. I, like you, fit into the second category - I usually like my colours but my sewing leaves a bit to be desired - I would rather be like this though, and enjoy it.
    Love the statue.

  2. Don't talk about corners ;) my problem is also that the border is not quite the right colour and that also annoys me, but as I had bought the material it had to be used.