Friday, July 18, 2014


The rain this morning
We woke up early this morning to a violent storm, lightening and thunder crashing around, and one of the heaviest downpours I have seen for years.  As we looked out of the window a thunderbolt seemed to strike the green, a great flash of jagged red, too close for comfort.  Taranis  the god of thunder was definitely overhead in a mighty rage, but now all is calm, I have fed the birds twice, they must have been frightened by the storm and I was worrying about our sparrows, a good dozen or so.  But all was well, loads of starlings as usual, and the sparrows jumping amongst them, luckily there is no animosity. 
So now for the predicted heatwave, I am working in the studio at the moment on the latest patchwork project, the studio is always very cool, not so good in the winter but just right when it is hot.
Classic radio is my choice of radio channel, the news gets more depressing everyday, do we need it I wonder, the sadness is  overlayed by the constant analysing, so that we become spectators in a 'sport of war'.  Perhaps what we need are more benign gods who could render all the machines of war useless.  It is heartbreaking to see young children staring into the cameras so unsure about their world falling to bits around them.  I am sure there are comforting words out there, perhaps a Buddhist answer, who knows....

Good read when you feel discouraged by quilting, as I am at the moment!

Taranis at Bath Museum


  1. So far no storms up here Thelma.

    War and rumours of war - agree absolutely with you on that.

  2. You are lucky then Pat, the first storms are already coming in tonight. The house just shook to its very foundations after a particularly loud peal of thunder, slightly scary, going to turn off my computer.