Thursday, July 24, 2014

My Precious

Gollum is vanished for his ugliness, Tolkien makes an appearance!

"Thanks to Cllr Mackintosh and Northampton Council, it looks as if Sekhemka may have been turned into the Egyptian equivalent of Gollum’s “precious” to be hidden away and even gloated over as a secret fantasy object.”

The sale of  of the Northampton Sekhemka statue is still ricocheting off the walls with fury, Heritage Daily latest hits out with the ugly face of Gollum, at this moment I should go on to describe my love of this fantasy by Tolkien but I shall stick to the anger that reverberates round many heritage establishments.  It is the sheer brazen face of Counciller Mackintosh   that is getting up people's noses, selling off a statue that 'by right' belongs to the museum.  
Normally I would put on a photo of some relaxing countryside, but there is an under current of anger in this country against 'the fat cats'.  It creeps into the literature, the 'sense of unfairness', anger against the greed of the bankers, politicians and of course councillors who rule in their petty fiefdoms and make the people cross.
We also have a 'crook' councillor/lord who has even gone to prison for his misdeeds over expenses.  To collect these expenses back from him which are about £50,000, Chelmsford council reckons they would have to spend a £100,000 in lawyer fees, so the case is dropped. House of Lords expenses (something like £350 a day) and you only need to spend a few minutes within its illustrious corridors and you are quids away! that is not to say that many lords don't do a marvellous job, I am quite happy with a second chamber monitoring legislation, but our Lord Hanningfield is also guilty of claiming money he does little to earn.
Enough of rogues and fools, they exist everywhere, but there was something very nefarious in the hiding away of this statue for four years by Northampton Museum, so that they could claim ' no-one wanted to see it', and hopefully their status will be downgraded as threatened by officialdom.


  1. I must say I agree Thelma - and that beautiful photograph at the end just helps to ease the fury and helplessness one tends to feel at all the perfidy that goes on'
    We tend to look at countries where there is a very rich and a very poor and nothing in between and think that that is where the corruption lies - but sadly is is everywhere.

    1. I am not going to speculate on the 'why' of such things, only put it down to human nature, LS wrote something as well today, on something that is rather ridiculous, will put the link up...

  2. I agree with you both. The rot starts at the top and percolates through all the layers.