Friday, July 25, 2014

Today the 25th July

Farm Garden with Sunflowers by Gustave Klimt
Yesterday I sorted through my books for a story, and still cannot find it.  It is a Japanese story about a fisherman bemoaning his fate of poverty, and then a stranger comes along and outlines the folly of becoming rich, and that in the end it is better to be poor but happy, but the telling of the story itself is much better than that! so be it.
Found the above painting on Facebook, the one thing people can do beside make war is paint, write and make music. and Klimt can surely paint.
To the more humdrum things of the day, a glut of courgettes and runner beans, welcomed of course.  Finding a butternut growing on one of three plants that have been producing sterile male flowers, my aubergine plant has grown to a great size but also refuses to fruit perhaps it needs a companion, and the tomatoes are green but fruitful as are the sweet peas which I have to pick each day.
Today is my grandson's birthday, Ben, who is 13 years (I think) is growing up fast, and is off to Brighton early this morning.  The family are getting up with the birds to take him down to York station for the trip, so I shall worry till he safely arrives, though Tom the eldest has decided to stay in London and work through the university holiday, so he is always on hand.  Next week they all, except Tom, head off for Switzerland, they were going to stay the night but have to drive straight onto their Eurotunnel booking, so we shall probably see them on the way back.
The cottage in Whitby has been booked for two weeks by us in the middle of September, it is full till then, and we will probably do a bit of house hunting up in Yorkshire, still undecided where to move to, but Whitby will have calmed down slightly from the summer visitors, and I notice LS is getting a bit homesick for the fish and chips down Silver Street.  Our Indian friend Mohammed's restaurant has disappeared, so no aubergine bhajis, but Botham's bakery delicacies are always there, and a quick whizz round  Boyes, the shop that sells everything but the kitchen sink, and of course Yorkshire Trading Company, which probably sells more...
Words of course always brings us back to our own rhythm of life, they are soothing as the world rages around us and I suspect we should be grateful for the calmness of a blackbird squawking his message across the garden.
Also grateful to F/B occasionally for keeping me up to date as my grandchildren travel.....and the image of little Lillie who always speaks her mind on the train back from York; my daughter - "Squashed on very packed train with hen party complete with blow up doll and particularly obscene cake .... Just waiting for Lillie to start making comments!!" 

Off on their great adventure, Ben in the middle with what looks like Matilda's case!


  1. These childhood adventures stay with us throughout our lives.

    If you come up to Whitby - do consider venturing into the Dales - then you could call in and have lunch - you would be very welcome.

  2. Thank you for the invitation Pat, we would love to come, though there is quite a distance between the Dales and the North Moors, but if we are in the area we will visit, it would be lovely to see you. X