Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Catching up

The Wellow Brook

It is Earth Day today, or so I have been led to believe by Google; did their little quiz - What animal are you - ended up a Woolly Mammoth, practically extinct, but I'm happy with that!

Yesterday we both finally realised that the move is on, our buyers are perfectly happy with the survey on this house and are moving their solicitor to act fast, not too fast I hope.  Tidied up the shed, stuff to be taken down to the recycling centre, my bike to give away to 'freecycle' though it has only been ridden once but I took a cropper first time out, scarred my forehead and can't see me riding along country lanes, prefer to walk.  Also have been clearing my cupboards, photo albums stripped of photos and thrown away so not too much bulky stuff to pack.  Large files of notes from when I studied all deposited in the dustbin.  There is a feeling of lightness in my life, hopefully I won't regret chucking things.

This is Rievaulx Abbey, not my photo, but someone else who   had asked about  the 18th terraces and view points that apparently surround this abbey nestling beneath the hills, so as a record to remind me of what to look for when we go there.

My son with  Ephraim's children, Fitnat and Pearl

My son is coming with his friend tomorrow, Mark is a computer developer, or should that be a software developer.  Anyway they have developed another project, and are coming to London to discuss it with a large civil engineering firm, and then visiting us in the evening for a meal, have not seen him for ages. So excited about his visit, moving up to Yorkshire means he will be able to travel by train from Bristol to York fairly easily, that he will do so remains to be seen.


  1. So very pleased that your move is going ahead and that we will become fairly near neighbours. Rievaulx is one of our favourite places and we take most of our visitors there.

  2. Hi Pat, still a certain way to go, the new house has no curtains or fixtures, cupboards or wardrobes and needs fencing and gates as well. Looking forward to Rievaulx and seeing you of course ;).

  3. How brilliant you two will be so close! Lovely to see your son and those two beautiful kids - fingers crossed for the move. I must try the Google quiz....

  4. Well if you do find the quiz Em, remember they may bring back the woolly mammoth, which will be rather cruel on the host elephant mother, and rather lonely for a solitary creature.