Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Snail crawls

Painting by Francis Nicholson - ' The Father of water-colour painting'

I start with a painter who was born and painted in  North Yorkshire, but who later moved to London, and was much admired by J.W.M.Turner or so it says in the blurb.  Our lives are somewhat dominated by 'up there' as I shall now call it.  An email came though last evening from someone we had not heard from for a couple of years, C.C. had organised a revival of Nicholson, both in Pickering and elsewhere, if I remember correctly the Pannett Museum in Whitby and had just written another article about Nicholson's association with Stourhead in Wiltshire.......

Also an 'answer' phone call from another agent yesterday evening, which has not been replied to, about High Street Farm, which no doubt is being offered at a better price to us, but they are too late we are too far gone with  the Normanby transaction.

One of the things LS says, gosh the people are so friendly 'up there', he has long telephone conversations on various subjects.  Yesterday it was about the drainage system, and lo and behold, the manager of the company who makes them lives in the village, and will just check it for us this morning! That is not counting the lady in the church yard also, who has three relatives in the village, two of which are carpenters and the third a plumber.

We need bedroom furniture for the new house, this house has fitted cupboards and wardrobes throughout the bedrooms,  so there is nothing to take in that department except the beds and desks.  We will need a carpenter to build in some fitted stuff.  There is also fencing and gates for the front to be thought about as well.

I have been hesitant about the move, still expecting something to happen that will stop it, the surveyor for this house comes tomorrow and then that is the end and  the formalised legal stuff takes over.

And just to add to this spring like world, the hedgehogs are out from under the shed, the butterflies who hibernated in the garage are out as well, and there are bees in the garden....


  1. I just know you will love Yorkshire when you get here. I am an incomer from Lincolnshire and I have now lived here since 1987 and have never regretted the move for a single second. I never ever go into our little town without seeing someone I know. I have a wide circle of friends and we do all kinds of things together. Alright, the weather can be pretty awful in Winter but rain and the snow are the same wherever you live aren't they?

    1. Yes Pat, sometimes it is even colder down here than up in the North. Anyway things still are in the balance. I love Yorkshire it has grown on me over the years, the landscape is beautiful and the people friendly.

  2. Getting all the inspections and paperwork ready for buying or selling a place can become very tiresome--when one is in that limbo of not knowing if it will really fly. then, if its all 'go' the scramble to pack!
    We were spared most paperwork on our recent move to the Amish farm--it was a straight across trade of property. The physical work is on-going and monumental. Exciting, but exhausting at our advancing age.
    I look forward to your words and photos of Yorkshire.

  3. Hi Sharon, I expect it must be different in America the selling and buying. For instance we found out about the old law of Chancel Liability Repairs only recently, something they are trying to abolish through the Commons. Basically some houses can be charged for the upkeep of churches within the parish, especially if they are built on glebe land, luckily you can insure against it......