Sunday, April 5, 2015

Started drinking coffee again

Writing something every now and then. Sometimes the mind goes a complete blank, especially after a week of headaches, for some weird reason a headache will often start after the coffee break. Sometimes I wonder if the bruising pain just wipes all thought from the head, note I did not say intelligent thought....  When my mind is in 'free roam' mode I study things of 'interest', only to me of course, my latest has been a very long (500 metre) barrow cairn just under Rough Tor on Bodmin Moor.  Someone said it could have been a walk way, here I must introduce the words ritual and sacred, (the act of procession) walking to the cheesewring of Rough Tor, or maybe even it could be a boundary line, a demarcation of territory and space.  I cease to ponder and move on.
Life is quiet, spring is just outside the window the birds hopping importantly around the lawn, magpies and crows cruising the roof tops looking for eggs.  The sky this morning, the soft peach of the sun overlies grey clouds giving that unusual colour to the vegetation.  Primroses are bold in the beds, Bowles purple wallflower is beginning its flowering period.  
Returned to my patchwork, why am I so untidy?? pinned the three pieces together with pins, almost ruined my sewing machine, so have decided to hand quilt.
Today is of course Easter Sunday, cannot escape it on  radio 4, to be quite honest being a non-believer it infuriates me, Sunday has always been a peaceful day for me, it stands out as quiet, even Asda does not open till 10 ;)

Pound shop frog who used to croak at one stage

cuttings will be coming with me to Yorkshire

The first sign of the perennial geranium, summer is definitely on its way


  1. During the decade of regular migraines I could never identify a 'trigger.' I knew for several days in advance when one was looming; then there was the 48 hour period of intense pain, the slow withdrawal--adding up to nearly a week of malaise each time. I do think for some people there is a connection with food substances and caffeine can be a culprit. Oddly enough, I could read even while in pain, although often not remembering what I had read.
    Primroses: I do wonder if I could grow them here in Kentucky.

    1. I still don't know what triggers mine. The weather had changed last week with the North wind, weather theory of mine, with the bright light of the sun triggering the onset. The Mistral wind in France has I believe the same affect. One bad attack late at night, LS found me crying on the sofa unable to remember the names of my grandchildren through the pain. Wretched things but they do get better (less painful) Sharon as one gets older I think.

  2. Is that purple flowered plant the E A Bowles perennial wallflower? It used to be all over my garden and I love it, but I suddenly realised that it seems to have died out.
    I too am a non believer - and do wonder how many of the people who say they believe really do. I was amused by a letter in the Times when a woman went into a supermarket and asked whether they were closed at all over Easter. The manager replied that they closed only for two days in the year - the day Jesus was born and the day he died. The days were Christmas Day and Easter Sunday - shows how much he knew about it with the latter.
    Any idea when the move to Yorkshire will take place?

  3. Yes it is E.A. Bowles wallflower, taking one plant to Yorkshire, grows very easily from cuttings. People who are buying this house came today with family, to measure up, and their surveyor on Thursday, so still nuts and bolt to tighten up, LS is a bit worried by the waste disposal sewage thing at Church House, it is private and connects with mains, trying to get the water board to adopt it.... So all being fine expect around the end of May if not the middle.
    I have been sorting out all my stuff, never been so neat and tidy for years, it is quite joyous getting rid of stuff ;)