Saturday, April 25, 2015

Coffee time

The 10 0 clock fix of coffee, which I have needed the last few days, the mug and cup rearranges themselves nicely in a pattern of soft colours, at odds with the brash red of the old coffee pot...

So much reading to do this weekend, Resurgence magazine has arrived also Permaculture, and then there is the Saturday Guardian, with various articles on the forthcoming elections, and photos of the would be canditates looking ridiculous.  Will the young vote? I doubt it,  if you have ever read Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast, that is how Westminster looks to most of us now..

"At the centre of the earldom is the vast, largely deserted Castle, whose remaining inhabitants centre their lives on the ritual surrounding the ruling family of Groan. The castle is described as being like an immense island of stone, its every outline familiar to the inhabitants, who know: "every bay, inlet and headland of the great stone island of the Groans, of its sheer cliffs, of its crumbling outcrops, the broken line of the towers". Dominating the ivy-covered, crumbling castle is the highest tower, the Tower of Flints, which is inhabited by great numbers of owls. The castle is so huge that most of the inhabitants do not venture outside except for certain ceremonies. Outside the castle, clustered under the northern walls, is a hodge-podge of mud dwellings inhabited by the "Bright Carvers", whose only purpose is to carve elaborate objects out of wood and present them to the Earl. "

well maybe not everyone but certainly to me, politicians trying to be 'one of the people,' in their kitchens, in schools and on the shop floor, is, frankly the most embarrassing bits of news you are likely to see.


  1. There just doesn't seem to be anybody who is just an ordinary normal person standing for anything even vaguely interesting at this election.
    On a different theme - love that coffee pot.

  2. Hello Pat.

    I bought that old coffee pot in a little hardware store in downtown Kyoto about forty years ago. It never gets to the washing-up bowl, just rinsed out after every brew... and there have been many of those :-)

  3. I'm with Pat on the election and all the ridiculous promises they're making mixed with smearing their rivals is VERY tiresome. I know what you mean about the need for coffee about that time. I never used to feel like that but now, the old Italian espresso pot comes out, as it did at my Grandparents when I was a child, and the house fills with that intoxicating aroma.....x

  4. Thanks for everyone one's comment, need a cup of tea now, after wrestling with Bladud, and not winning the battle..