Saturday, April 4, 2015

Wishes for Easter

Something sumptuous for Easter

Stilleven mer Bloemen; Jan van Huysum 1723

A long essay from Alan Garner, a favourite writer though his Boneland book was a bit of a conundrum as far as I was concerned, set between a children's and adult's book.  But the art of storytelling seems encapsulated in the following italicised sentence.  I once read that there are only seven plot lines to weave stories around,  but have never worked that one out.  

"Powsels and thrums are the oddments of thread that were kept and woven for personal use, their hues forming new patterns; the oldest of scraps, made into other garb; the oldest of stories made into other tales."

This weekend is Easter, and I mooched around on the internet for an Ecard for my blog, but the one I will choose, is my little yellow  Indian elephant, who reigns supreme at the cottage, often alone but fulfilling his function in the room as being.............'the elephant in the room'.  A saying that always make me laugh!


  1. Love that elephant. Is he your favourite object? I have a buddha that i dearly love and have had since 1950 - he is made of soapstone and sits on the mantelshelf. In times of crisis or frustration then I just sit and look at him and relax and he does me no end of good.

  2. Yes you are right he is my favourite, a soothing point of reference. Of course soapstone fulfils another sense, which is of touch. Real elephants are incredibly calm, slow moving dignified creatures.