Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Quiet and Happy Solstice

The return of the light, the year has tipped, albeit slowly, into longer daylight and towards spring and summer, for this reason alone we should welcome Solstice.  Thinking about where I would like to be and my mind settled on The Hurlers stone circles, under the great tor devastated sadly by quarrying, with Daniel Gumb's ghost wandering amongst the stones and the great Bronze age burial that harboured the gold Rillaton cup.  A rich prehistoric landscape, with its humps and bumps from the later tin quarrying history.  Will the sun rise on a particular stone? who knows, the wind is rising outside and mocks the thought.

Hurler Stone Circles
Looking across the land from the top of the tor
Or perhaps the quartz laden stones of Duloe stone circle, though one feels that this is a final resting place for another.

Duloe stone circle quartz stone

Sleddale Stone circle


  1. A howling gale and lashing rain type Solstice day here Thelma. I don't think we've had a completely dry day since the 3rd November. Anyway, by the end of January we shall really notice the darkness is less keen to fall.

    Solstice blessings.

    1. Thank you Jennie. Every day is wet here also, and the West wind seems to blow continually. Your photos of the flooding around you, at least you live at the top of a hill, looks bleak. X

  2. Do you blog with Heron Thelma? If not find him on my side bar to read what he does for the Solstice - he is a Druid - it is most interesting.

    1. No I am not a Druid Pat, they intrigue me, because on the whole they are caring people but I love the ceremony of welcoming in nature. Have seen Heron's blog, the turning of the year/solstice is very important to them.


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