Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday 19th December

Occasionally we wake up to glorious skies

Saturday morning, the paths gleam with rain once more, but of course it is that fabulous moment in time when the year is on the cusp of changing over to longer daylight.  We had a delicious Chinese meal last night to celebrate LS's birthday.  He had fried squid with noodles/beansprouts and I had the noodles with broccoli/garlic, which may seem strange but I do love my vegetables, plus a side helping of spring rolls.  We had often passed this large pub which had changed into a Chinese restaurant but the overall impression when you actually go in is enormous friendliness.  The owner Mandy is Vietnamese and her husband is English, she called him an inventor and the whole large house is very 'green' with underfloor heating, special lighting and.......... in the loo when you stepped on a granite slab by the wash basin, the water switched on - totally impressed.  
The couple had looked at the house of the people we had had drinks with last weekend, just because it had the river running through the grounds, he had thought to harness the power of the river for one of his green schemes, not sure it would have been allowed though.

My internet Xmas card above needs a bit of work, though to do on  the door as I had managed to make a wreath out of an old heart shaped ornament, notice the two white butterflies, we are even losing all our butterflies as well in this country....


  1. It is so unseasonably warm isn;t it Thelma? The farmer has just gone beating for the shooters (the shoot is on our land but he doesn't shoot - just likes the company.) I love Chines, but I am married to a very conventional man and he would not eat anything like this. He will eat Italian though and loves it, so we tend to go there. My Christmas decorations are still in the box room. I aim to get them out tomorrow.

  2. Morning Pat, it must be very wet over the fields for shooting, the hunt went by a couple of days ago, not sure how they hunted, hopefully it was just drag hunting.

  3. The Hunt here (The Bedale) are meeting as usual but rarely going over the fields because they are all so wet that too much damage is done. We too had the most wonderful dawn this morning deep red to pink to gold. Then we have had various downpours throughout the day. Almost worth it for those skies though. Much more seasonable temperatures today though.

  4. Yes Pat the weather is definitely getting colder, but more of the same west wind which roars through the trees. The only good thing about the hunting fraternity, is that they and their horses are immaculate in their 'turn out'


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