Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Odds and ends

The quietness of life, yes the weather rules at the moment.  Can't clean the hens nest boxes  because they lay their eggs in the morning.  The wind roared through the trees on Sunday, some trees have been felled by the storm and the fields have great ponds in them from the sheer volume of rain that has fallen.

We must go out shopping to Kirkbymoorside, and perhaps make the trip to Helmsley as well, this for birthday cards for people in December, it is an expensive month!  LS has made pickled eggs and pickled red cabbage, I like my red cabbage stewed gently with apple, onion and vinegar plus brown sugar, something you can eat with most things.

Lucy throws herself down where ever I may be with whatever she is carrying in her mouth,. She is not too happy walking in bad weather, and can always be found trotting much faster back home than when she started.  She is slightly nocturnal, ie. she wakes up during the night and emits one bark, then a little strangulated  bark, think she is just lonely downstairs and wants some company!

We have news;
Poor Corbyn is being sliced open by the media and his own party  The climate talks seem to be going well, but can one ever imagine such people as Osbourne and Cameron pulling back from 'growth', and now they want to take the country into another folly of war.  Japan is going to kill hundreds of minke whales, the boats set out today against international rules (murdering wretches).  And I see the Financial Times has now passed into the hands of a publishing firm in Japan.  LS's son works for the FT, but has the advantage of speaking Japanese.  I have knitted a blanket  and small jacket for the forthcoming much wanted baby.  the birth is in January I think.

Frankie Boyle quote
Even our charity is essentially patronising. Give a man a fish and he can eat for a day. Give him a fishing rod and he can feed himself. Alternatively, don’t poison the fishing waters, abduct his great-grandparents into slavery, then turn up 400 years later on your gap year talking a lot of shite about fish.”

Is that the quote of someone who has grown tired of it all I wonder?  Charity is patronising of course, and I have occasionally quoted the little story about giving a man a fishing rod and he can feed himself, stupid when you come to think of it.  I do like Boyle he speaks out.....


  1. An interesting post on the shafts. I am racking my brains to think of one in Wiltshire that we had a lecture on, but it was 20 years ago now. I think Tim Darville might have excavated it. All I can recall is that lambs fell down it, and it had once had a thatched sort of roof . . . I'm sure your brain will remember it! Windmill Hill?

    1. No it wasn't Windmill Hill, I also remember one but it had Roman stuff, probably the family, also altars down it, will try and look it up...

  2. I have left the six o'clock news to come and do my blog because I find the news so distressing these days. Cowardly I may be - but people are people wherever they are and those who get killed are usually the innocent. Is it cowardly of me to be pleased I am old?

    1. No Pat it is not cowardly, we can do little anyway, the forces that make the world turn round will happen no matter how much we despair... It is sunny today though, which is not a bad thing ;)


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