Friday, November 27, 2015


 More photos from yesterday, first time I have seen grouse on the road.  Our neighbour called later in the afternoon, they live on the other side of the church in a new house that has only recently been completed.  He was indignant, the planning officer had called on him earlier in the week, why wasn't his  front wall brick, as it had been when it belonged to the Margaret Wood's cottage - Willow House that had once occupied the site, he also wanted the laurel hedge removed and............ the whole length of the garden abutting the church which has wild hedge and wood fencing, this to be removed and a brick wall built.  This of course was in the hands of a builder at the time, did the planner not come out I wonder?  Anyway it seems the rules can be relaxed, scary though considering we have just put up a wooden fence, though in the style of the pub next door.  J also came round to say he would make us a compost bin, wood is expensive, I thought of asking if he had ever thought of pallets but decided not to, and we have agreed to it, think his wife is finding him jobs outside the house though;)

red grouse at the side of the road

the stones that mark the road

topping the hill

Goathland church (Or Aikenfield if you watch Heartbeat)

A rather blurred 'Scripps' of Aidensfield

The Bronze age barrow on the road to Whitby


  1. Enjoyed the photographs, particularly of Goathland - it is ages since we went.

  2. Occasionally watch Heartbeat, if only for those sunny summer snippets ;)


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