Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Journey to Wheeldale Moor

Today we went to a favourite place taking some coffee with us. The journey started grey and dull but as we travelled over the moors blue skies started to appear.  So that when we got down to the Wheeldale Beck, the sun appeared.
Here by the water, with the old gnarled hawthorn trees and stones, peace is at hand, the sheer breadth and width of the moors is reduced to a small valley through which runs the beck.  Lucy had a lovely time, she even managed to jump into the beck unseen, and as she raced round smelling all those different scents that dogs love, we shall definitely have to bring her back again, though next time a towel would come in handy!

Someone's happy


  1. What a lovely spot (reminds me a little of Dartmoor down by that moorland beck. Glad that Lucy had such a lovely time. You will have to get one of those zip-round dog "jackets" that enclose everything but the head and keep the mud/wet off the car.

    1. Never seen those jackets Jennie, will look out for one though. You are right, there is a 'Dartmoor feel' to the old gnarled hawthorns that survive the winds...

  2. Your photographs show the North York Moors at their very best Thelma. And it is so good to see Lucy already a happy and settled dog.
    Am I right in thinking that the North York Moors are very lacking in water courses - I think I read that somewhere?

  3. I suppose on top of the moors, the water is scarce, though of course it can get very swampy in the peat, the water runs down rills or streams into the becks in the valley and then into the greater rivers. The Vale of Pickering where we live must have got flooded on many occasions.

  4. Lovely photos of the moors Thelma....Love those knurled trees.

  5. Hi Anna, the moors are beautiful when the weather is good, those trees tell of great hardship in the winter.

  6. I am intrigued by the shapes of those gnarly trees, though they seem to speak of a bleak and windy landscape.

  7. Exactly Sharon, the roads over the moors were closed a couple of days ago, as snow came in from Scotland. Next day, our weather has turned warm and they are open...Climate change?


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