Friday, November 13, 2015


The winds have passed, forcing our heavy drive gates open in the night, and LS is already working out how to stop this process, bolts having to be driven deep into the driveway.  Wednesday we went to Castle Howard, and I bought three climbing honeysuckles, which are still to be planted.  LS went round the expensive farm/delicatessen shop whilst I walked Lucy.  The chickens who were out in the garden were eager to get back into their house as the winds blew yesterday afternoon, still producing three eggs a day, surpluses build up.  LS makes pickled eggs, I contemplate souffles and lemon curd.

Christmas trees already grace the long pathways to the great house at Castle Howard, and a hint of fear enters my soul, as I contemplate LS's plans for the event on Xmas, he has a birthday on the 18th December as well and wants a 'drinks' party.....

Some photos of the two great sycamore trees on either side of the garden, that are slowly losing their leaves and revealing an elegant skeleton of branches.  I can look at these trees for ages watching the bird life potter around.

Mournful Lucy, always has something in her mouth.

Is she settling down? yes, demanding attention, but at night she wanders the house, so I have taken to sleeping on the settee from about three onwards, which always quietens her down as she curls at my feet.


  1. Glad to hear that Lucy is settling in - hope this getting up at three doesn't set a precedent thoughj!
    Hope also that you don't get bad weather. It does look on the weather map as though the further east you are the luckier you will be.

  2. Hi Pat so do I, this morning they say, Cumbria, North Wales and the Dales will have a lot of rain, and that there will be weather warnings out. So be careful..


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