Saturday, November 7, 2015

Saturday and so once again the trip to Castle Howard nursery is postponed!

The Wellow river at Stoney Littleton.  Why? because the weather here is so miserable, grey and constant rain, confining us to the house.
We went out for a fish and chip meal at the pub next door last night, the place was full with mostly a pigeon fancier's get together in the room next door.  A farmer came over and introduced himself and his wife, this is what we find round here people are so friendly. Everyone knows Bob King, the farmer who built this house, there is a curiosity as to what sort of people we are.
The day before Jo had come over, she had been hunting out craft 'happenings' for me, and reminded us of the gardening meeting next week, which if you join for a fiver you get discounts at several of the garden centres round here.  She also pressed us to come to the church service tomorrow for Remembrance service, which we might do.  As I have already said arch-pagan LS is working his way up to church warden, only because he thinks the church should have more happenings.  And he is not really a pagan!
Bored this morning I have been looking at photos of the grandchildren, seeing how they have grown so quickly.  Tom is out working in the world, and even Ben at 14 has managed to find himself a waiter's job at a local restaurant in Todmorden.

Matilda and Ben posing for the camera

Matilda standing bravely with the guard. When they changed guard, the captain shouting, little Lillie flew through the air into my arms with terror...

Tom and Lillie paddling

Growing up fast
The fish and chips were as good as any you get in Whitby and I have a hankering to wander along the East pier and watch the waves beating against the rocks.  Lucy  the dog though, does not approve of going out in bad weather except for a very quick pee.


  1. We've found that in the small communities making up rural Kentucky, people are friendly. Some of it may initially be curiosity about us as 'incomers' but I think we are quickly perceived as 'good neighbors' to have. Most of those who have dropped in to make our acquaintance ask if we go to church somewhere--the countryside is dotted with small chapels at every crossroad, many perhaps of persuasions not recognized beyond the rural south. We have been invited to local 'gatherings' and usually attend although we may be the 'old people' of the group.

    1. Hi Sharon, expect we are rather old to, but there are plenty of retired people in the village as well. As we are next to the grave yard people also come over to talk as they tend family graves. Having plenty of eggs to give away has helped to.

  2. Weather very similar here and I must say I am with Lucy on this one (and our loo is indoors too!)

    1. Well it rained, then came a storm of wind and hailstones, and then the sun came out, typical British weather Pat......