Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Taking heed of the news

Bearing witness is perhaps a better term, though we may not be able to do much about the terrible tragedies of the refugees from Syria, at least we can witness their suffering and maybe arrive at an understanding of what is happening and if, ( and that 'if' is a very big word) our government takes action in some form or another we can at least by petitioning the government have a say in the matter.
We are like ants that crawl over the surface of the Earth, humans make disaster, sometimes just by greed; wars are driven by economic complexities we can only scratch the surface of.
Weaver of Grass asks whether we should 'bury our heads in the sand', and go on in our relatively untouched 'small and cosy' lives.  The answer seems to be no from my point of view, we are a pulsating life force, aggression is part of our DNA.
There are many good things happening in the world, when I visit my F/B page each morning, there will be bears rescued from the vile bile trade, almost finished in Thailand now; young elephants rescued from the wilds after their mothers have been slaughtered for ivory, happily living in creches cared for by their mahouts.
Does the good outweigh the bad, I very much doubt it, but then we all are subjective in how we think, perhaps it is best to concentrate on our own small territory, creating better environments and to speak out quietly and firmly in what we believe in......


  1. Yes Thelma - I agree absolutely. Airing my thoughts yesterday has certainly helped to clear my mind upon reading everyone's comments. Blogging at its best.

  2. Yes Pat, you made us all think, and you got some good answers as well ;)