Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday 17th November

A journey: photos from our trip to Whitby yesterday.  The moors are dark with  dead heather, the sky though is like an enormous canvas over which scurry small clouds, over  much larger gatherings. Sun, fluffy clouds, storm clouds, the bleakness of the moors is highlighted by the green fields that crop at the edge.  The road is busy with an electricity cable being laid alongside from Pickering to Whitby, it has taken months and will go on well into next year. The underground pipe will replace the great pylons that march over the moors reminding me of the machines in War of the World.  The 'listening ear' or Fylingsdale  warning system stands out like a sore thumb.......

The start of the journey, we have just come over the bridge and I always take comfort from the fact that the downward slope of the hill shows we live on slightly higher ground

Blue skies and an endless view of moor stretching into forest and then another ripple of moor in the far distance

Speeding by the Hole of Horcum

the world darkens

Rain starts as the clouds come even lower

a beck that rarely flows

mending the bridge

Almost home, the village of Marton just before ours, very neat and tidy, they also keep a defibrillator in the red telephone box


  1. It's nice to see the area where you live and I can now recognize the Hole of Horcum when I see it! I think you can take some comfort from the fact that your church was probably built on higher ground, and you don't read about many flooded churches . . .

  2. That is true Jennie, but our church is four feet higher than us ;). The Hole of Horcum is spectacular and always has people looking at it.

  3. Lovely nostalgic journey for me Thelma.
    Interesting that there is a defibrillator in the village - we are just about to get one outside the chemist in our town. Brilliant idea.

  4. Hopefully they have the instructions written on them for idiots like me. We also have an obsolete phone box in our village too but no defibrillator.

  5. I can imagine the moor in your photos as the backdrop for such books as 'Jamaica Inn'--quite forbidding on a day of clouds.

  6. Well further West where my daughter lives, it is Bronte country, Kate Bush and the song 'Heathcliff' would be at home on the North York moors The moors are often bleak, and it seems likely today (friday) they will be the first to receive snow!