Tuesday, November 24, 2015


The wood pigeons are stripping the holly trees of their abundant red berries, so none for the festive day it looks like.  As it gets dark we hear the loud cry of the pheasants as they go to roost in the graveyard trees.  Same thing in the morning as it gets light and they fly down, noisy creatures......
The ivy creeps through the trees, it has flowered and its dark black berries soon will be more food for these hungry and rather lazy pigeons.  We are surrounded by the festive winter season of evergreen trees, ivy, holly and of course the old yews that overhang the garden and present such a dismal dark green to the world.

It struck me yesterday as I padded round in one slipper, the other lost by Lucy, that I was like the monopad dwarves that appear in C.S.Lewis's 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader', so I went and read up on these strange creatures that hopped around and find that they appear in mythology according to Wikipedia, They appear firstly in Greek myth, the 'shadow foot', often as I sit I can feel a gentle tug on a slipper or sock from Lucy.

The news is incessantly miserable, as if all the talk would make a difference, just been reading Frankie Boyle, who says it as it is, as well as Will Hutton who is angry about the NHS service, that neglects his wife in hospital at the moment.

'Dufflepuds', a tribe of monopodal dwarves, 

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