Monday, November 9, 2015


The Rise of the Dovey

Changing the heading, the photo was taken the 25th October, now most leaves are off the trees.  Our three Virginia creepers that romp with gay abandon along the fence just hold tatters of a few leaves. All gone, the tail end of a hurricane chasing the leaves around the garden, the rain beating down, the swish of car tyres along the road.
I was going to write about John Piper, but his works are all still in copyright.  The dark brooding paintings of the rocks and mountains of Wales.  He was an extraordinary man, tapestries, painting and stained glass.  He did sketches of my two favourite cromlechs in West Wales, Carreg Samson and Pentre Ifan, though I think he did not do justice to the 'flying' capstone of Pentre Ifan.

Carreg Samson Cromlech

Pentre Ifan
A short interlude, we have taken Lucy for her injections at the vet, expensive shots!  And then went shopping in Pickering, wandering round with her, me mostly standing outside shops as LS goes inside.
Monday is market day in Pickering, the car park is taken over and stalls selling all and sundry occupy the space.  The fields are puddling water, as are the lanes, and the land has returned to a muddy brown but no rain for the time being.


  1. I love John Piper's work too Thelma. I have many art books which belonged to my first husband and amongst them I know there is one on John Piper - I really must look it out now you have reminded me of him.

  2. I pulled out Frances Spalding's biography of John and Myfanwy Piper yesterday. Apparently he drew Coventry Cathedral the next day after it had been bombed, which reminds us that these artists came from a particular time....