Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday, the 15th November

Life is quiet, probably down to the weather, the wind through the trees sounds like a sawmill, the rain splatters teardrops against the front of house windows, which are west facing.

A tragedy has just unfolded in Paris, and everywhere the news is full of it, if I were to write about it, I would quote friends who are rational and understanding.  Someone on a forum has given a whole list of things to read about the 'Arab Affair', the whole thing is so complicated, will never be finished for years to come and therefore we must live with this unholy war.  We can only stand and grieve with the loss of loved ones.

Yesterday called into our local nursery and bought a gooseberry and blackcurrant bush, they had lovely looking blackberries and raspberry canes as well, but a tad expensive.  Questioning that there was no redcurrant bushes, he said that they had to throw away a lot of the soft fruit plants away last Autumn because people did not want them, and they had lost hundreds of pounds because of this.  Redcurrants berries are beautiful hanging from the bush, translucent red berries they are dearly loved by blackbirds, and of course make a delicious jelly.

It is Sunday, LS was looking forward to scrambled eggs and bacon with our coffee, but we have no bacon..... I have made lately potato cakes, which you can eat as part of a breakfast or with apple puree which I prefer.  Now I must work out what to cook tonight, sage and lemon chicken comes to mind with roast potatoes... 

I feel slightly washed out, nothing comes to mind to write about, I should do more reading but my campaigning nature has quietened down, I need to visit a church and wander amongst the dark gloom and old Saxon stones that lie forever embedded in their grey walls.

Random photos ;)


  1. Sounds pretty much as it is here Thelma. We are having a cosy day by the woodburner and are just deciding whether to do a jig saw or play Rummikub. I have almost finished the Times crossword and need to do that first. We had spit roast chicken with roast potatoes and sprouts for lunch - preceded by home made soup of parsnip, carrot and onion. Even the most ordinary home made soup tastes better than any bought soup I find.

  2. Sounds delicious Pat, I make soup as well, and our chicken is bubbling on the stove. Weather has calmed down, took Lucy out for her walk and am contemplating gardening, trouble is everything gets so muddy..

  3. Soup was contemplated here, but then I had a clear-the-Nasturtiums-and-plant-garlic-instead sort of day! An hour or so by the fire with Escape to the Country and my crochet was very welcome though.

  4. My knitting has fallen by the wayside for the moment Jennie, nothing quite comes up to what I want, also in the great 'clear out' threw a lot of books away, now I want a decent baby pattern for a jumper!