Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Blue skies

"Astonishing. Getting older and older, I still stand here at this window, watching as if never having watched anything like it before – the wrens, juncos, and purple finches picking the seeds strewn on the pile of frozen snow. Through my breath condensing into fog on the cold window pane, I still see bare branches chasing their shadows in the icy wind, black threads of water crinkling through fissures in the frozen river. I am aware that what I am seeing is no more, no less than the great Mystery, that of being here at all, that of seeing it – as from the other side of a mirror – snow, birds, my breath still condensing, that breath that started so long ago as my first cry.” —Frederick Franck

As I get older I still experience the thrill of the world around me, from the smallest seed to the great tree with the sun shining through.  Today it is a blue sky day, the moon is at half mast in this sky reluctant to give up its dominance.  And has it not been dominant the last few nights, shining like a bright new shiny coin demanding attention.  Someone demanded attention during the night, and as I let Lucy out into the garden the stars shone brightly as the moon.
So what do I see first thing in the morning, well someone's bright face as she has just had a 'mad moment' in the garden, 

Then there is one of the squirrels clowning on the gravestones

The golden leaves that still hang on the sycamore tree, such an elegant shape......

"My sun shall rise in the East and my heart will be at peace."...

Which in turn reminds me of the Jo and Vangelin song - Finding my way home,....though I wish I had something  decent to play it on!
Just identified this tree as larch by it's yellowing top, and then there is the red of the church roof, surmounted by the two church bells, which will never make it on to 'Bells on Sunday' sadly...

So in all a good day, highlighted by a friend's email this morning, as he, and a couple of archaeologist reveal more hidden stones in a circle below the great tors of Cornwall


  1. Lovely post Thelma. Hasn;t the weather been awful. Friends went to the Lakes from Sunday until this morning and it never stopped raining until they started for home in sunshine! It was a beautiful morning here too - it has been strange how after windy and wet days the nights have been calm and starry. But today a friend and I went to M and S at Teesside Park (Hell would be a better description, but it is a super place for Christmas food shopping) and our drive there was in lovely sunshine. The way back deteriorated into rain though and it was raining heavily by the time we reached home.

  2. was a bit of a 'Pollyanna' yesterday looking for the positive, of course today it is grey and wet and miserable. Today the electrician comes to try and make the front porch light work, luckily because the extractor fan above the cooker blew a fuse last night - always something to be done... Don't know where the nearest M&S is here, shopping fills me with foreboding ;)

  3. Stumbled across your blog and stayed to enjoy your tour. Jealous of that blue sky!

  4. Welcome.... We are now in the midst of strong gales and no blue skies, the dog frightened in the night trying to get between the wood stove and chimney as the winds howled last night...


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