Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Local rivers

This is my walk along the river, monitoring, for me anyway, the river's progress. from the chart below there is a large spike and then the river returns to normal, though of course you can see the sides of the banks have been scarred by mud.

Starting from the bridge

This is the bank to protect the fields from flooding

saturation point, many field going towards Salton are small lakes.

You can see where the river has risen to almost flooding levels, the flow gauge counter to be found here recorded on the 26th December over 3 metres of water, chart taken from the Environmental Agency.  Old Malton was flooded by the River Derwent;

River Seven flow gauge at Normanby

Rivers; Derwent at Malton;
             Seven at Normanby
             Dove at Kirkbymoorside
             Rye at Salton
             Riccal at Nunnington
             Pickering Beck at Pickering

Interesting observations by Monbiot on Yorkshire Grouse Moors and their role in the floods


  1. I imagine Storm Frank is wreaking yet more havoc across the area - shocking to see Todmorden bridge collapse when watching the news last night. I hope your family is not badly affected and can carry on helping the others. It is good to see everyone stepping up to the mark to help out where possible.

  2. Stupid me - TADCASTER bridge, not Todmorden. I can't even blame wine for that error!

  3. It is alright Jennie, we used to pass Tadcaster on the A64 every time we went up North, and the brewery always had a flooded field around it. The bridges round Todmorden and Hebden Bridge are holding up. Apparently the bikers in Yorkshire are patrolling the towns to see that no looting takes place.

  4. We seem to have got off fairly lightly this time for a change. West Yorkshire is a different story. My two younger grandchildren went back from Garsdale on the Carlisle to Settle line today so I am anxiously waiting a call to make sure they got back there safely. The other one and her husband dropped them off and then carried on back up the M6 to Glasgow, so that is another worry until they are home. Happy New Year to you all.

  5. I hate worrying about family when they travel but I'm sure they all safe home now. As you say we have got off lightly with this latest storm, we hardly had any rain, just the wind roaring through the trees. Scotland suffered this time sadly.


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