Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dribs and drabs

The drab being the two churches which I am listing below  for visiting, the dribs being flowers, which are slowly beginning to appear.  That is how I started yesterday, but words would not come.
Today I can feel the sun behind the mist struggling to get through, there is a golden tinge to the air, the birds are noisy especially the young of the rooks.  
Lucy's paw has started up again and she wobbles around with her 'halo', being very good natured about it, as long as someone scratches her ears every now and then, the pad is getting better, the vet had said that she might need a small operation on it if it kept flaring up, so we shall see and wait.

Frozen fingers yesterday from planting a honeysuckle, it was that cold, and the new rose needs to go where the bluebells are, which I refuse to dig up and move.  

Yesterday we watched the Memorial service of the Hillsborough disaster, and I marvelled at the dedication of the families for fighting this battle for 27 years, and a special thank you to those 12 jury people (enacting the old laws of Anglo-Saxon/Danish law which still graces our law courts) for giving a verdict of 'unlawful death'.  We know in this country that the 'establishment' covers up the sins of those in power, just occasionally when the truth comes out it is a blow for justice and truth.
The Guardian article.  I notice in the article the word lachrymose which has always seemed to me a self - explanatory word, but immediately there comes to mind the composer John Dowland and his sad music Lachrimae Pavan.  LS will not be pleased at sad music ;)

The hens ate most of these plants but did leave one,  can you see the sycamore seeds, they are all through the garden and driveway.

White with a green heart tulip

Hopefully frilly pink tulips

Are there bluebells in our  lawn that was once a field?

The dark branches of the yew, a late 19th century photo of the church showed tiny yews at the time, must have only just been planted.


Ebberston Church;   Information can be found here at Woruldhord

Pevesner report

@ Creative Commons - Nigel Coates;  Gravestone being subsumed by tree.  Ebberston Church
 Creative Commons Licence CC-BY-NC-SA.;  Carving of a Scandinavian sword at Ebberston Church

Stillingfleet Church;  Both for its Norman door and also wonderful wooden Scandinavian door.  There is also photos at Doc Brown here.....

 and the Pevesner report


  1. I love auriculas.
    Here we had over an inch of snow yesterday. It is just beginning to go this morning now that the sun is up, but it is very cold. All the tulip heads were bowed in the frost but are beginning to straighten as it warms up slightly.

    1. Always fancied an auricula ''dresser' in the garden to keep the wet of these choosy plants dry. I get cross with the hens and their destructive nature but then they produce eggs each day, which people want, their donations go to the church.

  2. Ah poor Lucy - we had to put one of those collars on our Flossie when she was suffering with her ears - I agree with you wholeheartedly with regard to the Hillsborough decision and dedication of those families - if there was any justice then the copper who gave the order to open those gates should be hung drawn and quartered but he won't be - I dare say the day that he answers for what he's done to those poor families will be the day he reaches the pearly gates! Xxx

    1. Well there was bad judgement on that day by the police, and sadly a need to lie and cover up these past years, if only they had allowed the truth at the beginning it would not have been so horrendous for all the families,
      Lucy's foot is healing slowly and she is very patient with her 'halo' almost saintly one might say;)