Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday 23rd April

Today when I went walking this morning, I saw a solitary heron in a couple of fields away from us.  A classic pose, the long neck tall and reaching to the sky, and the long skinny legs.  There is something ethereal about herons, they are not quite of this world, standing in silence by the river waiting for a fish to surface, they are made for a Japanese scroll in their grayness. Early in the morning also the fields have lots of baby rabbits, white tails flicking in the air as they ran hither and thither in confusion - Beatrix Potter eat your heart out...

This morning we went to a coffee morning in the church, well attended, loads of raffle prizes, I spent my money on a fruit loaf and a big white teddy bear (don't ask) just fancied him, and the person who had brought him in said he could sit on my rocking chair, which he is at the moment. 

Yesterday we went to Thirsk, I bought some patchwork squares but we were going for a friend to look for a dog for her.  No luck on that front, there hardly seemed any dogs there at the Blue Cross, which is good news really.

The Guardian has coined  good names for those 'in or out' of the EU leavers and remainers, in this house we cancel each other out, but listening to Obama's speech left a lot to be desired, such as a modern history lesson, did he really think that his Winston Churchill story would have any relevance?
It is all rather sordid this picking holes in every person and speech, leaving Jo Public in a state of absolute confusion as to why we should stay in or leave.

In fact life is much happier when you contemplate the solitary heron in a field, was he resting in the morning sun, or waiting for me to leave the side of the river so that he could fish.  Yesterday travelling towards Thirsk we saw a Canadian goose, waddling along the road with four beautiful goslings behind, rather dangerous, but hopefully they found the safety of a field.  Life is truly burgeoning at the moment, for all the horror stories in the human world, the animal world carries on with spring as does the plant world.


  1. The animal kingdom is always fascinating--even allowing for the fact of some inevitable cruelties. A good dose of plants and animals and a solitary walk through the fields is very settling after a round of people and socializing. It does seem that with closer notice our politicians all lose whatever gloss they may have tried to present.
    We see herons often enough to realize they must nest in the vicinity--perhaps along our stretch of Spruce Pine Creek--seeing one standing solitary at attention they seem to have been created with the most economical of lines.

    1. Morning Sharon, Your baby goats (know they are not really yours) remind me of all the lambs that are gambolling round here. Over the road our neighbour has four black Hebridean lambs, and there are some lambs at the back of us.
      As for politicians, there is a constant quack on the radio as they try to be heard and convince us one way or the other....

  2. I don know about you Thelma, but I am sick and tired of Brexit or not to Brexit. The farmer and I made our minds up ages ago and we have no intention of changing. I shall be astonished if the turn out vote is high as I really think the majority of people don't know what to think.

    I love herons. We have the on our beck and nothing stands as still as a watching heron until the moment of the strike.

    1. Morning Pat, I even hate that word 'Brexit', I suspect we will stay in because the young seem to want it.
      As for herons, LS put a print of a heron on my computer last night which I shall photo, poor creatures they always seem underfed. Years ago We had one which always cleared the pond of goldfish.


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