Friday, April 1, 2016

The Valley church - Levisham

Old print of Levisham church, 

Yesterday we went in search of the Levisham church but after a conversation with someone from the village, learnt that the church I was looking for was a ruined church called the 'Valley Church', and as it had started to rain, and LS HATES rain, we called the walk off into the valley, but will return soon. In this church, in the porch is a Saxon grave cover in two pieces, and several bits inside the church, which can be found in the Saxon Corpus, Volume 3.

There are two villages set off the main Pickering to Whitby road, Loxton and Levisham, you approach Levisham down a very steep hill with an almost vertical drop, the Valley church is along a trackway not too far from the Mill at the bottom.  Apparently the old road to Whitby from Pickering went through parts of this place.  So this isolated church may have been a remnant of a medieval village, there has already been an archaeological dig on a flat platform next to the church.
So another trip one day, but it is an interesting place Levisham, it really falls at the end of the Hole of Horcum, and there is only one road into it. A walker's paradise, about a mile along a lane you come to the Levisham station with I believe a resident artist.

Today I got up at 6 o clock, and listened to the two owls outside, later on spied the thrush making an appearance this year on the lawn, spring is definitely with us!

The hens in their sunny dry dust bath below the yew

Grass frosts in the early morning

The village photos were not good, typical farm buildings


  1. One of our Friday morning coffee 'gang' went to Whitby for a few days over Easter and walked to Levisham to see the Flying Scotsman.
    She spoke of that hill!!

    1. We looked at a cottage on the other side at Newton-on-Rawcliffe, you could walk down to the Levisham station from the village, but the cottage was not really suitable.

  2. That sounds an interesting place to visit, with quite some history. I hope that you can get there soon, wetaher permitting.

    1. Well not today with the rain and family coming down Jennie but we will soon.