Saturday, April 2, 2016


There were eight vases of lilies in our little church yesterday, leftover from the Easter service.  A friend had told me to go and smell the perfume.  You can see the leaves dropping, those orange stamens will stain your clothes and your hands. But they are beautiful, and such a noble gesture of someone to invest in such beautiful fragile flowers, when there is but a handful of people who attend the church service.

I am not religious, but there was also a small board with people who had died were remembered and it brought back memories of my first husband who had died so young.  My two granddaughters, and daughter come for the weekend, as their father/husband  moves out of the house on the long process of divorce, I will at least try to find the right words of comfort as their grandfather would have done.

Jam and Jerusalem  rose (Australian I think) taken from a Russian website - tut

The other day I bought a couple of rose bushes, one was called Jam and Jerusalem, a tri-coloured rose, hopefully it will turn out just as pretty as the photo!


  1. Jam and Jerusalem - presumably the W I rose Thelma.

    Sorry about the divorce - always messy and always such a troublesome time for the children, however civilised the participants try to be. Any support you can give them is important I think - something for them to hold on to.

  2. I suspect so about the rose Pat, I am trying to buy roses to go along the church wall in front, always loved roses especially ramblers but they do take some looking after.
    Yes, though they seem to be reaching agreements, the girls seem unaffected, it is only Ben who is worried.