Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Monday 12th April

Are they not lovely, I took this photo from F/B, fascinated by what they are wearing, happy children, where I don't know, maybe Tibet they both wear beads.  Last night we watched Human Planet on BBC4, as a fisherman braved the Victoria Falls, and this chap tight roping across a raging torrent just to get fish for his family, incredibly brave.

Different lives, but people seem to be happy with the life they have, here we mither about tax havens and the prime minister, all seemingly trivial when looked at from afar.

This morning was beautiful I took Lucy over the fields, and took photos of the bare branches of the trees, soon they will transform into greenery and summer will be with us in the early flush of June melting into August's rather tired greenery as it makes its way once more to Autumn.  The circle of the year.  I notice people commenting (Jennie for one) that their swallows have arrived, they are not here yet at the church though.

Some trees carry their age with dignity, the snapped off branch a reminder of a winter storm but the tracery of the branches etch into the blue of the sky are so beautiful.  I have not made a record of our visit to the dog rescue place.  It was very bleak when we eventually found it, had to drive down a farm track for about a mile passing two other farms.  When we got there it felt like a prison barracks, with wired cells.  Apparently they board animals as well, think Lucy would give up the ghost in such a setting but I suppose they are doing good work for stray dogs.  On offer was a chihuahua cross with a miniature pinscher pup, and two breeding females, C did not like them, and to me they hardly seem walking dogs, especially after her last dog was a spaniel, so we left leaving it in the air.
I have visited now three dog rescue places, and i must admit that the Dogs Trust with their indoor kennelling seems the happiest place for rescue dogs.


  1. I have never been to a dog rescue place - don't think I could bear all the pleading eyes looking at me - I would wish to take them all home.

    I agree about those children - they do look happy. I have constant arguments with my son about this. As we live so close to Catterick Garrison we often see the families of ghurkas in the supermarket - often old men and ladies and they look so out of place. I wonder if they long for the mountains again - my son says they are probably just grateful for the places to buy food and our NHS. Not sure who is right.

    No swallows here yet - our first ever came on 14th April - but today it has poured with rain all day. Have you had a wet day too? We have had well over an inch.

  2. Morning Pat, yes lots of rain, at the village hall last night the water gleamed in the fields. Irene said that when she dug through a patch of water on her lawn, she reached dryish ground below, which means I suppose we live on clay and the water sits on top.
    I think the answer about those children is that they do not know anything else, and that happiness is the small joys of the day. We react to our environment, who are we to say that our Western lifestyle is much better or happier than other peoples? A neighbour has just gone off to Dubai (with 20 bikinis) not my idea of happiness but their's obviously.


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