Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday 4th April

My Family and Other Animals  I read this book years ago, and the subsequent books of Gerald Durrell as he started up his zoo.  I just love the droll wit of the book and the TV adaptation captured it beautifully in the first showing,  Larry the writer furious with his brother for removing the 'x' from is typewriter so that he could not write 'sex'.  The fury of the mother (Keeley Hawes) as they try to find her a boyfriend, she practically shoots the lecherous old sea captain! And Gerard as a young boy drifting through it all with his obsession with creatures on this hot and lovely island of Corfu.
When my family first arrived, Matilda looking at the calendar remarked that I had pencilled in  - put cowslips in fridge  - which did seem odd, but of course I was trying to mimic winter for the seeds, hope it works.....
Well the weather has hardly been hot or sunny, a grey dampness first thing in the morning, until later in the afternoon we may get some sun.
The family have all gone back on the train, I took them for a walk up the muddy bridlepath, but no one had wellies to cope with the mud, and of course Lillie arriving at the top to the fields, sulked majestically because no one would join her.  Thought this morning about buying wellingtons for them all but then realised they would demand fashionable, probably coloured spotty wellies, and the whole thing would be exhausting.
They bring their dog Teddy, a whippet, who loves coming and always sleeps in Lucy's furry bed.  Lucy keeps a distance from Teddy, she does not like other dogs, gives him a warning if he gets too close, but a mutual tolerance is maintained.
Time for coffee...

Just made for the garden furniture, bright and sunny Philip Jacob's material


  1. Those cushions just shout 'sunny weather' - beautiful.
    It's always so quiet when family go home isn't it - hope you enjoyed seeing them and that things are OK with them all.

  2. Yes Pat they all seem fine with the events going on in their lives. Wish the weather would cheer up to match the cushions ;).