Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tuesday 22nd November

The weekend has passed peacefully, my daughter only comes with Lillie now as the two teenagers are working over the weekend.  Teddy of course comes, he is happy to settle down in Lucy's old bed tucked under the radiator like Anubis with his sharp pricked ears.

Lucy on the other hand takes to an armchair, after much sulking about the settee.

Lillie has been helping with coffee making it since she was about 4 years old grinding the coffee beans, brushing them carefully into the filter and then watching the liquid go down.

A quiet weekend though we went to the pub for tea, LS had been in earlier and found a bunch of men who were out  pheasant shooting, their guns stacked neatly in the corner.  It is an old fashioned pub, no gastric entrepreneurship here, later on in the evening there would be a carvery, not something the family is keen on.
My daughter had an email from her aunt in Switzerland saying that she was sending over a large box with family 'treasures' in.  There was another quilt the mirror image of the 'kaleidoscope' quilt she already has given Karen, though to be fair I have it because Karen does not like it.  There was a patchwork skirt made by her granny, and various other things that are to be passed down through the family.  
It made me think how patchwork had anchored itself in the family, Karen's grandmother had made patchwork dressing gowns for the children, mostly with Thai batik materials, and S, Karen's aunt had followed in her mother's footstep, though S had a patchwork frame to stretch her work.
Amateur attempts ;)

a cushion cover waiting for an edging....

And reasons for using Rapeseed


  1. I used to do a lot of quilting- I found it very relaxing. But now my hands are too shaky sadly.

    1. Karen my daughter was told by her aunt, 'you must not sit or lie on top of the quilts but always lie underneath them'. Sad you can't quilt anymore but you have your knitting and crochet for the new baby, I find I start too many things.

  2. I was trying to find where you are posting from and I am guessing somewhere in the UK? Beautiful banner.

    1. Hi Tabor, we live in a small village in North Yorkshire, right next to the church, and a pub on the other side. As we have just had some terrible weather, keeping an eye on the gauge at the river, which has just gone up 2 metres. All those leaves on the photo at the top are now down on the lawn!