Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thought for the Day - Why not Haka!

The tree’s in a Shinto Shrine not a Buddhist Temple. You can usually tell the difference between a Shrine and a Temple as the former invariably has a big Torii Gate at its entrance – as here at the top of the steps.

A photo of a roped tree, it somehow clashes with the  busy road in front.  Well I was not going to say anything about the calamity that has happened in the USA, mostly what I have read is it will be over in 4 years 'keep calm' and Jennie's 'Trumptown' at least gives it a funny spin.  Also came across this from another friend a Haka by 60 people, such a good way to express your feelings without violence.  It is for a different cause in America 'Standing Rock pipeline' perhaps we should learn the dance in this country, against fracking of course!

TAIRAWHITI Maori have gone global with two rousing haka in their support for those protesting a multibillion-dollar oil pipeline at Standing Rock in the US.


  1. I think that as we get older we are, on the whole, more able to take things like the US election philosophically - after I - I shall probably not be here in four years time(88) so really I have put it out of my mind.

  2. Don't be too gloomy about age, sure you will be, and being philosophical about all the ups and downs in this world is a good trait.