Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sunday 6th November

He/she sits quietly brooding over the sitting room with the church behind.  Yesterday as the raindrops on the window show was windy and showers practically every half hour.  So the fire was a welcome addition to the day.

Made a quiche/tart for tea, leeks in a creamy cheese sauce sprinkled with nutmeg , delicious and have been mulling over christmas decorations.  My daughter will be working through the period so will not come till after the date, LS never knows what he wants to eat for the festive meal, me I am quite happy with vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy, alongside a meatless stuffing and maybe onion sauce.
Read yesterday in the paper that we are all having anxiety stress over the forthcoming election in the USA, of course Oliver Burkeman in The Guardian did mention that Trump has the biggest insecurities - that is what makes him how he is!  Also in the paper was a journalist who ate up to 24 eggs a week, think about it, 3 or 4 a day, my three hens lay about 3 eggs a day but often I find 2 at the moment, the winter season is pressing in. Eggs, as well as cheese, are a good protein, scrambled in the morning, egg mayonnaise on sandwiches, and omelettes for a quick meal.  
Morning has dawned better go and let them out....


  1. What a lovely view from your window Thelma. I expect, like us, you just could not live without that woodburning stove - aren't they wonderful?

  2. We have a discreet blind to wind down when people are tending a grave. And yes stoves are wonderful, our wood burns very well...
    Saw on F/B the first snow of winter has appeared on the North York moors at Blakey last night..

  3. Your food choices sound very inviting--we've decided to keep the big wood range fired up today and my mind turns to stove-top food that can simmer all day.

  4. Morning Sharon, I suppose it would be difficult to keep hens when you have cats, though of course hens can be quite feisty. Using up eggs is not too much of a problem, neighbours like the eggs as well, so they take some and contribute to the church, it sort of pays the chicken's rent of the churchyard ;)