Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thursday 24th November

Notice the little spring, that is supposed to go down the stairs and never DID!

Just heard on the radio this country owes two trillion pounds, not sure who to or how much two trillion is, but as I was thumbing through Giles cartoons at the time, Grandma Giles came to mind!

But something more historic, fell in love with photo of a milkmaid in the Faroe Isles knitting whilst walking along.  She is knitting like myself at the moment with four double pointed needles, mine are bamboo and come from Japan, hers look like traditional steel ones.  History of knitting in 46 minutes.

Times change, politicians still steal the limelight with 'kissing babies' though Giles has an answer for that as well, perhaps the black humour of Giles should inspire more renegades in this country, we have become too po-faced with our earnestness.  I find the Guardian cartoons too difficult to interpret sometimes, changing personalities into enormously fat pigs or slimy snakes devouring the people, the faces become so distorted that I fail to recognise them.  Is it not funny though that if I was to turn to one of the cartoons in the 18th century Hogarth books I have downstairs they would figure the same themes.   I will not say politicians never change but that humans never change, either in their motivations or needs.


  1. I love that bottom cartoon! Really - as regards the whole international situation at the moment, we have to laugh - otherwise we would cry.

  2. I remember Giles cartoons as a child, always as Xmas presents though.