Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Tuesday 29th November

From fog to ice and low temperatures, but the light of early morning bathes the world in pinkish tones, iced candy....  0.2 degrees on our outside temperature gauge, but probably more, the chicken door were frozen stuck, and needed a kettle of hot water to release it.

Leaves still hang tenuously to the trees but garden shrubs hang their leaves as if they have lost their will to live, the cold biting through their evergreen skins.

All night, every time I have woken up, the soft tones of the barn owl greet me, and I feel sorry for the creature having to hunt in this cold weather.  I see the barn owl when we go for a walk in the morning occasionally, floating across the fields to the old decrepit barns of the farmhouse. 

We have netted part of the holly tree to protect the berries from the pigeons.  The holly tree in the front will be robbed for the church decorations at Xmas. This time of year halfway between two seasons, we still hold on to Autumn but Winter comes creeping in banishing the soft shades of autumnal tones and harshness will cover the land. Though of course a wintry landscape can be piercingly beautiful as well.

A hard winter once in Bath
I have been uploading photos from my old computer onto the new external hard drive, a simple enough job but tedious.  Except of course you get caught up in all the memories, the holidays, days out with the family............

My eldest grandson Tom in Switzerland, tucking into a bun and then now, grown up working in Manchester, a family get together, and no I do not wonder where time flies, only that it moves forward with a silky quickness.  When I had to look after him, I would blackmail him to come walking the dogs in the morning, with the promise of a sticky bun on the way back.  He hated walking the dogs over the race course and would bargain from tree to tree.  He still has that appetite for food, though not for cheese which he used to claim he was allergic to. 


  1. I agree about that pink hue over the land Thelma - very beautiful.
    Our holly has lost all its berries - the pyracantha is still covered with them but this morning I watched a blackbird from the bedroom window and in the two or three minutes I watched he ate forty berries - so they won't be there long!

  2. The large hawthorn in the church yard was also covered in berries but they are fast disappearing, the blackbirds doing acrobats to get the difficult ones.