Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday - the aftermath

It is over, the mighty have taken a tumble through foolishness, we are almost back to where we were before the election.  Now of course comes the analysis.  What makes me giggle though is the thought of us all burying our heads in the sand and not voting, we would have still arrived at the same point in time.  Theresa May has been humiliated, and though I hate cruelty she actually did it herself, lacking in charisma the message she hammered home was arrogant, I feel sorry for her!
So I concentrate on the things around me, bread has just gone in the oven, watching the sparrows.  We have probably about a couple of dozen, they live in the virginia creepers and ivys that bestride the fence.  Dance around on the stones and forever bickering over the seed feeder, a new one which I bought yesterday in the vain attempt to stop the squirrel dashing the old feeder to the floor, can be filled to the top - expensive creatures the wild birds.
Making plans to go to Todmorden next week to see my daughter and grandchildren, Lillie's birthday party is on Tuesday, always a home affair with presumably a chocolate cake.
Something I came across yesterday in the book I am reading, it is about the establishment of the Cistercian order.  A good 'green' philosophy.  It should be well known that a lot of the Cistercians abbeys started up in Yorkshire, they needed a 'desert' wild unruly places to start up in, so the following was the goal;

Does salvation rest rather in soft raiment and high living than in frugal fare and moderate clothing? If warm and comfortable furs, if fine and precious cloth, if long sleeves and ample hoods, if dainty coverlets and soft woollen shirts make a saint why do I delay and not follow you at once?  But these things are but comfort for the weak, not the arms of fighting men.... Wine and white bread, honey-wine and pittances, benefit the body not the soul.  The soul is not fattened out of  frying pans!  Many monks in Egypt served God without  fish, pepper, ginger, cumin, sage and all the other thousand spices may please the palate, but they inflame lust....

Taken from Letters of St.Bernard of Clairvaux

Never worn a hair shirt, but normally try to eat sensibly ;) I just love the image of the frying pan exulting me to lust ;) going to make an omelette for lunch with greens out of the garden...


  1. Mrs May is a fully grown adult, an experienced politician and politics is her choice profession.
    To have treated the electorate in the manner in which she did was extremely ignorant and arrogant - the butt stops at her doorstep no other is to blame.
    Right from the off when she took over as PM I have been concerned by her decision making and selection of odd personalities i.e. square pegs for round holes as senior ministers; seriously it has been as if she has been deeply asleep. The final straw of her somnambulism is now the partnering of the DUP (The Democratic Unionist Party) who have in their wings a private army known as the UDA who unlike the Provos have not disarmed their weapons.
    Let me assure you that your sense of sorrow for Mrs Mayhem is wasted energy.

  2. I'm surprised she has got the nerve to go on being PM, it was a refreshing election, Corbyn surprised us all, and he brought the young out to vote.


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