Wednesday, June 28, 2017

wednesday 28th June

Today there is persistent rain it falls in the greyness of the churchyard unrelenting in its soft fall to the earth.  The little robin sits on the wire outside the window, drenched probably wondering why I sit in this chair all day and do not provide tidbits anymore.
So what do we make of it all, well lets quote Winston Churchill,

"Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

Then say whatever you find appropiate, we find ourselves in the middle of problems we have reached a 'crisis' in our government, (been there before) and a terrible catastrophe for hundreds of people at Grenfell.  Slowly the scale of all this has unfolded, people made homeless and already being shunted from pillar to post.  There are no long term plans sitting in the council offices it is just fudge and make do.  Perhaps it has to be that way.  I could be pessimistic say that the long term systems that run the world are buckling under the strain.  For instance our utilities and services are being sold out to other nations.  The fire resistant boxes that protect the gas piping are only one third done at Grenfell - the firm got sold in March along the way to investors.  
Some people think that Corbyn is the messiah, much as I would like him to be, he is not, just another change along the way.  No Utopia will suddenly appear, many of the problems are difficult to extricate from the muddle of bad bureaucracy.  We must have faith in the people of this country for individual humanity.
Lucy has been very mischievous with my enforced sitting in the chair, she trails the papers around, along with books. She brings my slippers when I'm walking, she is also helpful, though getting things off her is difficult!
The funeral went as well as can be expected, and my son is looking into auctioning off all that 'old brown furniture' though finding that some have a good price on them ;) I have refused any of it my state of 'not owning much' as far as belongings are concerned stays fixed.
If I would moan, it is perhaps that I cannot see the garden, though of course this rain will bedraggle everything anyway.


  1. There is brown furniture - and there is brown furniture Thelma! Good quality antiques hold their money, as do quality modern pieces. What doesn't is the bread and butter house clearance stuff which was utilitarian to start with and hasn't improved with keeping!

    Antiques have taken a heck of a hit over the last 10 or 15 years but we are starting to notice that some things are having a little revival.

    I hope you are keeping boredom at bay whilst you are laid up. I dare say, like me, you have a large stack of books to keep you company.

  2. Morning Jennie, I remember must be over 20 years ago when the European vans were outside the antique centres in Bath and everything seemed to disappear then and they closed down. Antiques are expensive and it is a big game ;) I think Wales must have a different perspective.
    Not reading really, nothing new but keep up with the news.

  3. Keep soldiering on Thelma.
    I put my faith in the young people of this country who seem to know what they want and are our future.
    My Alexander Girault rambler which was glorious now looks like a lot of limp rag dools.

  4. We needed the rain though, drought conditions are not good. Things shape out here as I sit at my computer, but at the moment a bit boring 'me' things. Like several hours at York hospital yesterday, to be told that a second op might (50/50 chance) stop the risk of arthritis. Think I might refuse though.